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Relaunching the Aegir Dispatch

We are pleased to announce we’ve posted the first Aegir Dispatch on Aegir5 to relaunch the community site!

As mentioned in the post, we have continued evolving our list of high-level User Stories describing the critical functionality required to plan a series of Releases. We are continuing to break down these stories into a series of Request For Comment (RFC) Release Epics. This is work in progress, but we are eager to hear any feedback you may have :)

Our goal is to understand the relative importance of Aegir 5 features in the broader community. This can inform our priorities as we formulate a Release plan.

Releasing Aegir to the Community

Aegir belongs to its community, but until recently, we haven’t been in a good position to accept help on Aegir5 for a variety of reasons. We are actively trying to re-establish a clear boundary between our roles as Consensus workers and Aegir project participants and maintainers.

In addition to planning and estimating, our immediate focus has been on unlocking developer contributors, to allow broader participation in the current push to build out the initial functionality. To that end, we’ve been cleaning up our documentation, marking older issues as Deprecated, and other housekeeping tasks to make it easier to grok where things are at and where to engage.

We are actively reaching out to anyone who’s been in touch about this, as well as those we know have previously had interest in the project. By Release 3 we expect things to be stable enough for “site builders” to experiment with moving sites onto Aegir 5. In the meantime, we are working in the open and soliciting input and participation in defining and prioritizing features.

Next Steps

For Consensus, this is a passion project that also underpins our business strategy well into the future. We intend to pursue building out the key use-cases we can see have the most value for ourselves and the community. We encourage and welcome other contributions of course, but these are the things we’re focused on:

  • Estimating the User Stories described in the series of Releases we’ve laid out.
  • Translating Story Points into a level of effort guess, and ultimately a development budget.
  • Secure funding and dive into implementing the Features described.

If you have questions, comments, or want to get involved, feel free to drop into our public Matrix channel and say hi!

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