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You can imagine how your next critical web application will help your clients. But you don’t know how to get there because of the technology challenges.

As your technical partners, we make it our business to get through the obstacles and bring your project to a successful reality.

Quality internet engineering.

We value craftsmanship, so we design and build quality tools and systems to help drive innovation and excellence.

  • Professional Tools
  • Technical Precision
  • Attention to Detail

Free/Libre Software

We seek to ensure a free and open internet, by building, promoting, and supporting the open source software on which it’s built.

Free software is software that respects your freedom and the social solidarity of your community. So it’s free as in freedom.

Richard Stallman

Our Services

We have a broad range of expertise building web and internet infrastructure.

Web Development

We leverage DevOps practices to enable you to deploy new features faster with less risk.

Consensus is a premier web development and internet engineering company. We love building web systems, applications, and projects.

Cloud Infrastructure

We have the expertise to support your cloud infrastructure.

If you have a critical web application, you need:

  • High-performance
  • High-availability
  • Scalability

Software-as-a-Service Engineering

Our clients entrust their SaaS applications to our team of experts.

Leverage our proven Agile and DevOps maturity to:

  • Increase service reliability
  • Improve time-to-market
  • Reduce development complexity

The Consensus Team

We are a distributed international team with a majority of members based in Canada, eh?

Christopher Gervais


Programming, DevOps, Infrastructure, Business Consulting


Christopher Gervais

Christopher has deep experience and insight as a senior systems engineer. He is precisely who you need to overcome the risks inherent in major cloud infrastructure projects. He delivers systems that provide extreme reliability, performance and highly efficient development processes.

Your web-based projects, from business tools to marketing campaigns, can rely on the kind of stability and performance that Christopher produces. If technical problems are turning into sleeping problems, you know who to call.

Colan Schwartz


Enterprise Cloud Architecture, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, Microservices, Web Services, Aegir


Colan Schwartz

Colan has been in high demand for DevOps and system architecture work for a long time. He has been actively involved in open-source for years, doing behind-the-scenes work to help keep many projects moving forward. As a result, he has earned a solid reputation in the Drupal community.

He rises to any challenge, and brings a clarity and precision to a wide range of undertakings. Don’t let his modesty fool you - Colan is a powerhouse who can dig deep and get things done!

Derek Laventure


Drupal, Infrastructure, DevOps


Derek Laventure

Derek brings an ever-present, user-focused awareness to his decades of DevOps experience. He has transformed problematic legacy web projects into sophisticated, effective and easy-to-manage web properties.

Derek explores and exploits the natural affinity between Information Architecture, aimed at meeting users on their own terms, and the heavily technical discipline of data design and implementation. Underneath it all, he has a solid, ground-up mastery of network infrastructure. And all of this is delivered with a terrific smile.

Michael Keara


User Advocate, UX designer, Drupal Developer


Michael Keara

Michael is obsessed with making web systems that are really easy to use. As a developer and a keen UX strategist, he knows that it always begins - and ends - with the user. He has advocated for ‘Outside-In’ UX strategies since 2001 and introduced the concept to the Drupal community in 2011.

He’s equally at home sitting down with users to watch and learn about their needs as drilling deep inside system architecture to find ways to make it easier on the outside. Michael is not afraid to change the paradigm to bring new strategies to old problems.

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