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Career Profile

I started out in web development creating my own website in the early 2000s to showcase some of my game modding work. The game modding didn't work out the way I'd hoped, but I quickly discovered that I really enjoyed building and designing websites.

I got started with Drupal around 2010, and now specialize in it. My journey has been one of increasing involvement and knowledge of the inner workings of the software, including being more and more active in contributing to both third-party projects (modules, themes) and to Drupal core itself so that everything that I've learned doesn't just stay locked up in my own work but helps others.

My focus is primarily in UX design, accessibility, responsive design, front-end and back-end frameworks, and writing elegant and reusable systems. I'll often go the extra distance to automate tedious and repetitive workflows, doing so in dialogue with users to ensure that those systems support distinctively human creativity rather than replacing it.

After half a decade of ongoing work, a friend, several contributors, and I launched Neurocracy in 2021, which ultimately helped get me noticed by Consensus. I'm now applying all that I've learned to Consensus work, though the project is far from over.

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