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Our SaaS partnership option is a full-service offering, provided on a case-by-case basis.


Infrastructure, Software, Platform… the technologies exist to deploy and build all of these programatically.

With access to the configuration layers of the internet, it is increasingly possible to run complete projects from the terminal using a text editor. Even servers can be robustly provisioned and tested with reusable code.

Our Approach


New products are always developed in a space of uncertainty. The engineers and product owners have a sense of what the problems and solutions are, but the real moment of truth is at the point of user engagement. We take an agile approach with regular releases of features and minimal increments, so that the next round of development builds on a layer of user feedback.

We use sprints of a maximum of two weeks in length, and a Scrum approach to the development cycles, in which the next priorities are selected and implemented rapidly.

Behaviour Driven Development

A Behaviour Driven Development approach results in a comprehensive test suite that is applied each time a new change is submitted. User stories are incorporated into not only the specifications and the backlog, but directly into the test suite. This provides a clear line of communication between users, product owners, and developers, and ensures that they are all on the same page about the goals of the product.


We have expertise in cloud deployment and make use of interoperable FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source) tools such as Terraform, Ansible, and Gitlab. This lets us easily scale and deploy across the range of available cloud systems, often by making changes at the configuration layer.

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