In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, staying ahead means more than just keeping your platform updated—it means ensuring it's secure, efficient, and aligned with the highest standards. At Consensus Enterprises, we're not just experts in Drupal content and data migrations; we're your partners in navigating this complex journey. As a Drupal Certified Migration Partner with security clearance, we specialize in transitioning your digital assets from Drupal 7 to the latest up-to-date version, focusing on security, performance, and seamless user experience.
Drupal Migration Partner

Why Choose Consensus Enterprises?

Government-Approved Security Expertise

With security clearances and a track record of being trusted by Federal and Provincial government partners for their critical migrations, our commitment to security is unmatched. We bring this high level of trust and security to every project, ensuring your migration fortifies your digital presence.

Preferred by Organizations and Agencies

Our expertise in handling complex migrations and cloud architecture transitions has made us the go-to partner for large organizations and other Drupal agencies. Whether leading the charge or supporting your team through intricate challenges, we’re here to ensure success.

Flexible Engagement Models

Whether you need us to take on your migration project fully or augment your team to navigate tricky transitions, we offer the flexibility to fit your needs. Our goal is to make your migration as smooth and efficient as possible, with minimal disruption to your operations.

Our Process: Secure, Tested, Empowered

  1. Comprehensive Discovery & Security Planning: Starting with an in-depth analysis of your current Drupal 7 setup, our security-cleared experts devise a secure migration path that meets the stringent requirements of our government partners and aligns with best practices.

  2. Behavioral Testing & Migration Execution: Utilizing Behavioral Driven Development, we ensure every feature translates perfectly to the latest major version of Drupal, supported by rigorous testing. Our process is transparent and documented, keeping you informed and engaged.

  3. Go-Live Planning & Deployment: Prior to the launch of your new Drupal environment, we collaborate with your team to develop a detailed go-live plan. This includes finalizing configurations, conducting user acceptance testing (UAT), and outlining contingency measures to ensure a smooth transition from your legacy system to the new platform.

  4. Documentation, Training, & Launch: Beyond the technical migration, we provide comprehensive documentation and training, ensuring your team is fully equipped to manage your new Drupal site, reinforcing our commitment to not just deliver a project but to empower your organization.

Ready to Start Your Migration?

Consensus Enterprises is here to guide you through every step of your Drupal migration. Whether you’re looking to fully outsource your migration project or need expert assistance for specific challenges, we’re ready to help.

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