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At Consensus, our tagline is We help small teams do big things, and since our start in 2018, we have had great success helping our clients to achieve big things.

In fact, Consensus itself is a small team seeking to do big things. We are excited to find new people to grow with us to accomplish bigger things. We have some exciting plans afoot, and we’re looking for folks who might share our vision and want to help make them real.

Read on to find out more about who we are and what we do. If you think that you’d be a good fit, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can also read more about hiring at Consensus.

Who is Consensus Enterprises?

We are a cooperative and democratic organization, committed to consensus-based decision-making. We value our humanity and autonomy as workers. We ensure transparency and accountability, encouraging freedom to set our own schedules, priorities, and agendas.

We have grown our team thoughtfully in the last couple years and established a friendly and supportive culture. We are conscious of our relative uniformity (mostly white, majority men), but also celebrate our own diversity. We actively seek value in our different ideas, perspectives, skills and experiences.

We are staunch Opensource advocates and proud members of the Drupal community. Even as we expand our scope into more varied technologies, our guiding principle is Open. We promote Copyleft software, documentation and culture. We stand in solidarity with each other and our communities.

How do we operate?

We work entirely remotely, and we embody an overarching recognition that each of us have lives outside of work. We are humans first.


  • Gather regularly for team meetings
  • Coordinate daily communications with Matrix chat spaces
  • Pair often using video conferences (preferring Jitsi where possible)
  • Explicitly pay ourselves to socialize three times weekly, sharing pets and personal connections.
  • Govern the company using a sociocratic, consensus-driven process.
  • Calculate our salaries using a (transparent calculator model)1, and review it regularly for everyone.

As we grow, we take responsibility for establishing a process that actively reduces bias and promotes diversity. More broadly, we aim to better reflect the diversity of our communities, making it a welcome facet of our team culture.

We strive to:

  • Empower each worker to take initiative, responsibility and accountability over their work and working conditions;
  • Recognize and reflect on our own personal Will to Power;
  • Resist any individual excercise of authority over others; and
  • Institutionalize mechanisms to ensure workplace democracy.

Exciting plans

To date, we’ve built a solid consulting practice, with steady and interesting work for a variety of clients. This practice requires care and feeding, but our expertise and growing track record of achieving great results is presenting plenty of opportunities.

These are a few examples of things we’ve been doing lately:

  • Drupal development (typically complex systems, migrations, etc)
  • DevOps, CI/CD, automated testing
  • Cloud architecture and management (IaC, orchestration)
  • Technical business analysis

All of this is great, and we have no plans to stop. At the same time, we are actively working to create a Product-driven business model in parallel.

We have several product-related projects actively on the go, but most of them we can’t discuss publicly yet, so feel free to ask us about Aegir, BackUpScale, Rugged, or Reqs, if you’re curious to know more :)


Above all else, we are looking for team members who can:

  • Collaborate
  • Learn
  • Take initiative

If you’re interested to know more about our team and how we work, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can also read more about hiring at Consensus.

  1. We are currently in the process of implementing this process for all employees. ↩︎

Application Process

  1. Get in touch via the contact form below (alternately LinkedIn, Twitter, or DM spiderman on Drupal Slack. Please include:
    • Link to your resume (You can upload to to get a secure download link, if needed.
    • Any or all of the following: email, LinkedIn profile, profile, GitLab profile, GitHub profile.
  2. We'll review and be in touch via email, even if you don't get an interview (but we try to have at least one introductory conversation with everyone!)
  3. Introductory interview: we talk about Consensus, you talk about yourself, and we try to gauge if we'd work well together.
  4. Technical screening: we talk in more detail about your technical skills and experience, and run through a short interactive exercise together.
  5. Pair day: we pay you for a day of working with us on real Consensus work, including some real project work, and ideally attending a Circle meeting.

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