At the Core of our Principles

We seek to ensure a free and open internet, by building, promoting, and supporting the open-source software on which it's built.

Free software means software that respects users' freedom and community [...] Thus, free software is a matter of liberty, not price.

Free Software Foundation

Shared knowledge makes us all better

Our founders have been long time contributors to Aegir, an open-source platform for deploying and maintaining Drupal sites.

By working with a community of practitioners, we are able to help consolidate best practices within a tool that captures the principles at the heart of DevOps.

By combining our efforts with those of teams at other companies we are able to incorporate the best tools into a framework that allows more flexibility in the long run.

This allows small teams access to the tools necessary to properly backup, deploy, scale, and manage upgrades of production Drupal sites.

This compares positively with other approaches, which are, in many cases, still customized replacements for bash scripts. These case-by-case approaches often require a full DevOps engineering team in a large enterprise.

Giving Back

In addition to making an effort to rely on open-source solutions wherever possible, our team dedicates a portion of our work hours to maintaining and contributing back to the projects we use.

We have made substantial contributions to Drupal Core and related projects. We currently support over 40 projects, and have hundreds of issue credits on the site.

Additionally, we maintain an Ansible role for Aegir that allows it to be installed in unusual or cutting-edge situations with code-based customizations.

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