We value diversity

We encourage applications from all backgrounds. Historically marginalized applicants will receive priority consideration (e.g. women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+ people, etc.) particularly if their lived experience provides equivalent qualifications.

We aim to build a team that reflects the broader population in Canada, and particularly to disrupt the racist and sexist norms of our tech industry at large.

Current roles

Currently we are actively hiring for these positions:

Beyond that, we are always looking to connect with smart, interesting, and talented people who might enjoy teaming up with us to achieve big things together! If that sounds like you, get in touch!

We are currently not in a position to sponsor visa applications, and require candidates to be able to legally work in Canada at this time.

Know Drupal?

We have an abundance of Drupal-related work, and need help! While we provide mentorship whenever necessary, we’re looking for self-directed folks who can collaborate and pair, but also work independently.

Don’t know Drupal?

We are growing our consulting practice to include many of the skills and expertise we’ve developed, and we’d love to hear what kinds of projects you’re good at and love working on!

Work arrangement

We typically start with a contract to find out if we work well together, once we’ve identified a project that suits your skillset. We’re more concerned with good communication, taking initiative, and collaborative learning and problem solving than expertise with any particular technologies.

Are you capable and willing to learn the details of your next project? Enjoy tackling challenges with a talented team to back you up? We’d love to hear from you!

Pay scale

We are building a process to use a criteria-based calculator to transparently calculated our salaries, depending on skills, competencies, and experience. We also regularly review and adjust these calculations as needed. Employees are encouraged to participate in altering the model and criteria, and we apply such adjustments to everyone.

Broadly speaking, we are able to pay CAD $50-$75/hour (contractors), CAD $50K-$75K/year (employees), with adjustments for experience and the criteria mentioned above. During our interview process, we review and assess your skills and competencies, plugging them into our model to determine your starting rate.


Our only hard requirements are the softer skills. You must:

  • Be responsible and transparent.
  • Communicate effectively with clients in English.
  • Remain open to learning new techniques and technologies.
  • Collaborate & communicate.
  • Think critically, communicating when things don’t look right.

Working conditions

  • Half- to full-time commitment, flexible work schedule.
  • 100% remote working only, pandemic or not, we’ve never had a traditional office.
  • Small team of 9 friendly and supportive humans (and counting).

We strive to:

  • Empower each worker to take initiative, responsibility and accountability over her work and working conditions;
  • Recognize and reflect on our own personal Will to Power;
  • Resist any individual excercise of authority over others; and
  • Institutionalize mechanisms to ensure workplace democracy.

Bonus points

The following list of skills are guidelines for the kinds of things we’re good at (or wish we were). This list is comprehensive, but we’d love to hear about any skills and expertise you can bring to the table:

  • Back-end Drupal development
  • Front-end Drupal development & Site building
  • Web development experience (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • Aegir experience
  • Software development
  • Technical writing & documentation
  • Business development & strategy
  • Business analysis (requirements, specifications, interviews)
  • Automated testing
  • Information security
  • Internet technologies (networking, servers & services, systems admin)
  • DevOps
  • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, Ansible)
  • Cloud architecture & orchestration: OpenStack, Azure, AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, etc.
  • Ability to successfuly apply for Government of Canada security clearance
  • Working knowledge of French
  • Project management
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Financial analysis

As an open-source company, we prefer candidates with contributions on public repositories to demonstrate work, but also their commitment to open source and code reuse.

More details

Application Process

  1. Get in touch via the contact form below (alternately LinkedIn, Twitter, or DM spiderman on Drupal Slack. Please include:
    • Link to your resume (You can upload to https://send.vis.ee to get a secure download link, if needed.
    • Any or all of the following: email, LinkedIn profile, drupal.org profile, GitLab profile, GitHub profile.
  2. We'll review and be in touch via email, even if you don't get an interview (but we try to have at least one introductory conversation with everyone!)
  3. Introductory interview: we talk about Consensus, you talk about yourself, and we try to gauge if we'd work well together.
  4. Technical screening: we talk in more detail about your technical skills and experience, and run through a short interactive exercise together.
  5. Pair day: we pay you for a day of working with us on real Consensus work, including some real project work, and ideally attending a Circle meeting.

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